Thursday, 20 September 2018
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We supply highly advanced technological resources in the field of bank automation and information technology. Our industrial project has been to develop and manufacture pheripherals for the management of banking and financial documents, designd according to superior industrial standards. Thanks to the experience gained in over fifty years of operation in the complex and delicate sector of bank automation, today our company is an advanced and supportive partner, capable of provinding an immediate answer to all the typical working requirements of a bank.

We manufacture, market and service a wide range of devices, from the front-line counter to the sorter with scanner for processing huge quantities of documents in back office activities. All products embody innovative contents where both functionality and engineering are concerned.

Technological upgradeing, expert service engineers, a range of customers including Italy's main banks: these are the three foundations on which the quality of our company's products rests. This is why nowadays we are recognised as a dynamic player in the process of technological evolution of the Banking System.